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Sexual And Gender Harassment Archives

#MeToo may increase harassment reports

People who live and work in Louisiana have no doubt been aware of the dramatic surge in media reports and public demonstrations surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct in the past year. The initiation of the #MeToo movement seems to have brought about a change in the cultural mindset and made more people willing to come forward with stories of their experiences than in the past.

Men are also victims of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace targets victims in many industries throughout the United States. In 2018, over 13,000 incidents of sexual harassment were reported to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the highest number in over 7 years. This number is thought to be even larger as many cases go unreported. Yet, not all cases involve women as victims. A growing number of men have reported being victims of sexual harassment at work by women managers or co-workers.

What impact has MeToo made on U.S. workplaces?

Whether you are male or female, you are likely aware that the topic of sexual harassment has gained a lot of media attention over the past year. This has happened not just in Louisiana but across the nation and is in large part due to what has been coined the MeToo movement. There have been laws in place that make harassment in the workplace illegal for some time now yet many people assert that sexual harassment or other types of sexual misconduct continue to be a problem.

Is sexual discrimination or harassment always blatant?

Louisiana residents share the workplace with a lot of different people. Unfortunately, a mixed bag of coworkers can sometimes bring you big trouble. Robert B. Landry III, PLC, is here to help if you have faced discrimination related to your gender or sexual harassment at the workplace.

EEOC sues Del Taco store employees for sexual harassment

New of sexual harassment lawsuits in Baton Rouge or throughout the rest of the U.S. may often involve cases that occur in professional office settings between working adults. This may give the false impression that recourse for such harassment is limited to only those situations. In reality, any harassment that occurs at any level is wrong. Even teenagers working entry-level jobs in the service industries are protected from having to work in hostile environments. 

Sexual harassment lawsuit settled

People who are employed in Louisiana and are concerned about the ongoing challenges of sexual misconduct and harassment in the workplace should know that they have the right to speak up and make sure they are protected. This is the case regardless of what sector or industry they work in, what line of work they are employed in and what their particular gender or sexual orientation may be.

Understanding gender-based harassment

Many people employed in Louisiana today are young enough to have grown up basically knowing that there are laws designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. However, these laws were not always in force and it was not all that long ago that they were considered almost revolutionary.

Sexual harassment of men in the workplace

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has received a high level of prominence in Louisiana and around the nation over the past couple of years. However, the bulk of the attention has been given to women as the people who are subjected to this behavior. While this is definitely a problem, it is also a fact that men can be and are sexually harassed at work.

Protections for transgender people in the workplace

Louisiana residents benefit from many types of workplace protections. Many of these come from federal regulations, such as OSHA's mandates on safety in the work environment. However, one might easily spot the difference in the way employers treat different classes of people, especially those who belong to a legally non-protected class, such as certain gender identities. 

Federal laws on workplace harassment

Every person employed in Louisiana should know that there are laws in place designed to ensure they may perform their jobs in an environment that is fair to them and devoid of harassing and hostile behavior. Federal laws govern workplace harassment and understanding one's rights is important for every employee across the state.