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Retaliation Archives

Understanding who handles retaliation enforcement

Being disciplined by your employer in Baton Rouge can leave you feeling powerless. While the law clearly states that retaliatory action by your employer in response to you (in good faith) reporting alleged violations that it has committed is illegal, the actual application of that law may be less cut-and-dry. Countless clients come to our team here at Robert B. Landry III, PLC wondering who is actually going to enforce the laws protecting them from retaliation. Knowing this very thing could help you in your decision to come forward is you believe your employer has committed any regulatory violations. 

Detailing Louisiana's whistleblower protections

Many from Baton Rouge have come to members of our team here at Robert B. Landry III, PLC wrestling with the issue of whether or not they should report statutory and/or regulatory violations made by their employers. If you have witnessed such actions, your loyalty to your employer and the gratitude you feel for all it has done for you and your family may be what is holding you back. Yet if you are like most, your reluctance has more to do with the fear that you may be retaliated against if you come forward. 

Understanding retaliation in the workplace

People in Louisiana who read or hear about allegations of harassment, discrimination or other violations of a workers' civil rights often also hear about potential retaliation related to these situations. While harassment and discrimination are illegal in the workplace, so too is retaliatory behavior or actions on the part of an employer. Understanding what this may look like is important for all employees.

Addressing retaliation at work

Any form of retaliation after a discrimination claim is simply unacceptable. Although one's place of work should promote honesty and respect, countless discrimination and retaliation incidents take place in Louisiana each year. When it comes to this type of damaging treatment, the law is the law. All employees deserve the utmost respect, no matter who they are. 

Addressing retaliation in the workplace

Suffering from harassment in one's place of work is a mountainous obstacle on its own; experiencing retaliation as a result of reporting harassment can present an entirely new set of issues. Louisiana employees receive protection from harassment of any kind under federal law, but this unfortunately does not stop countless incidents in the workplace. There are a few things to know when addressing these complex situations.

School district accused of unfair dismissal

People employed in Louisiana should always feel free to speak up when they believe unethical or even illegal actions are taking place in their work environments. This is true whether they work for private or public entities. Unfortunately, there are times when people experience negative repercussions from taking these steps to highlight wrongs and protect others. 

How do I prove retaliation in the workplace?

Employees of Louisiana are not only protected from various forms of discrimination, but they are also protected from retaliation in the workplace that may stem from a discriminatory issue. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you can file a lawsuit against your employer claiming retaliation if you think you have been the target of retaliatory practices. However, you will need to prove three things: protected activity, action taken against you and causation.