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Family Medical Leave Act Archives

FMLA employee notice requirements

Like other people in Louisiana, there may be times when your personal life requires you to take time away from your job. A good example of this is when you have or adopt a new baby. Maternity and paternity leave may be granted to allow you time to care for your new family member and to heal from a birth if you are the biological mother. Other situations that warrant time away from work might include the need to care for another family member or to tend to your own health needs.

Military family leave under the FMLA

Most people in Louisiana may know that there is a federal law mandating their ability to take unpaid time away from work for qualifying events. During this leave period, they are legally entitled to have their jobs preserved and equivalent employment available to them upon return to work. This extends to those persons who are assisting members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The rights to these people are unique.

FMLA guidelines for children

Most people in Louisiana are aware that there are laws granting them the right to take some amount of time away from their jobs in order to see to family matters. Many of these matters relate to children including the birth of babies and care of newborns. However, the law extends to more than just this and understanding it is important for all employees.

What sort of job will you come back to after FMLA leave?

Any number of medical conditions, health concerns or family reasons may prompt you to take an extended leave from your job in Baton Rouge. You can sleep soundly during your time away knowing that the terms of the Family Medical Leave Act ensure that you continue to have access to your employee benefits, be paid your salary (if you have accrued sufficient paid-time-off hours), and that your employment status is protected. Yet does that mean that you have to return to the same job that you left? 

Understanding the family medical leave act

Going through any kind of health issue -- or watching a family member suffer from one -- can be excruciating. First, there are the immediate medical concerns to address, followed by potentially long windows of recovery time. When such a life change happens, employment is a common concern. What can Louisiana employees know to best prepare for time out of work?

The imbalance between maternity and paternity leave

Welcoming a new member into the family can be one of life's most exciting chapters. Today's societal attitudes have even reflected a growing acceptance of fathers receiving paternity leave to help with this major process. Even though the country has become more progressive in its views on paternity leave, many Louisiana fathers still stumble upon challenges when attempting to receive time off from work. What are some of the obstacles new parents face, and what is the current outlook on this issue that affects countless families?