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What does a 1963 law have to do with your current workplace?

A law is a law. It doesn't matter if the government enacted a law several decades ago; it remains valid and applicable as time goes on. Lawmakers set regulations in 1963 that still impact your current employment situation. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 governs employers regarding wages and employment provisions. If you're currently facing a wage problem at work and believe your employer is discriminating against you in some fashion, then this law may be a good resource to help you rectify the situation.  

Discrimination on the job is not okay

Your employer can't guarantee that you are going to love your job; however, he or she is definitely obligated to provide a safe working environment. It is also your employer's responsibility to protect your civil rights and make sure no one discriminates against you in the workplace. The attitudes of workers often reflect leadership. The more employers do to let workers know they will not tolerate discrimination in the workplace, the better. Employers can also encourage workers and help build up team morale by taking various steps.

3 Reasons why employees don’t report sexual harassment

In the past year, staggering amounts of women have come forward claiming that they have been victims of sexual harassment while at work. But even with the growing number of victims stepping forward, three-quarters of women fail to report sexual misconduct in the workplace.