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You should be respectfully treated during your termination

If you have just received word that you are being terminated from your job, you are probably feeling all kinds of emotions. You may be confused, anxious and frustrated at the prospect of having to find new employment. At Robert B. Landry III, PLC, we have helped many people in Louisiana who have been wrongfully terminated from their job. 

You should never hear that you are being terminated from anyone other than your superior. If you begin hearing rumors through the grapevine, your employer is doing a lackluster job at protecting your wellbeing and keeping details of your employment private. According to Forbes Magazine, if you have previously received a performance evaluation where you were given criticism or recommendations for performance improvement, your termination should address these issues with an apparent reason for your employer's decision to let you go. 

Depending on your history at your employer, you should receive an explanation for their decision with an alternative that you may consider to keep your employment if your termination is tied to your performance. Your employer should never react angrily or express disdain. Instead, they should be honest, open to discussion, respectful and professional in discussing your future. The way they approach notifying you of the change in your employment status should be in a way that is sensitive to your needs and concerns. 

When you understand how you should be treated during your termination from your job, you can recognize when other, extreme behaviors may indicate that you have been wrongfully terminated. For more information about dealing with an unfair termination, visit our web page. 

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