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Did you experience disability discrimination at work?

Louisiana employees have the right to a workplace that is free from various types of harassment, including mistreatment due to a disability. If you are experiencing harassing behavior at work because of your condition, you do not have to stand for it. There is no excuse for this type of behavior, and you have the right to fight back against liable parties. 

Disability discrimination occurs when an employer, manager, supervisor or co-worker treats a person covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act in a negative manner because of his or her disability. This also occurs when a person experiences mistreatment in any form because he or she has a history of disability. Because of your disability, it may be beneficial for you to understand your rights and learn how to protect your interests.

What does the law require of your employer?

The Americans with Disabilities Act outlines certain obligations for employers who hire individuals with disabilities. Unless there is evidence that doing so would bring about undue hardship, employers have to provide reasonable accommodations for workers or applicants with disabling conditions. Other requirements employers must adhere to include the following:

  • Employers cannot discriminate against workers who have family members with disabilities.
  • Employers cannot use a person's disability as a determining factor in decisions regarding hiring, termination, promotion, pay scale and more.
  • Employers cannot harass or mistreat employees because of a disability, nor can they allow other workers to do so.
  • Employers cannot take away reasonable accommodations for disabled employees without reason or proof that it is causing hardship, financial loss or other problems for the company.

You are entitled to a workplace that is free from harassment, threats, mistreatment and isolation simply because you have a disabling condition. If you believe that you are the victim of treatment that is against the law, it may be appropriate to take legal action by filing a civil claim against your employer. 

Fighting for your rights starts now 

You do not have to go through the difficulty of dealing with disability discrimination on your own. You may feel overwhelmed, embarrassed or fearful of your job security, but it is not necessary to suffer alone. Disabled individuals have rights, and you can take measures to protect yourself

It may be possible to secure compensation through a civil claim against your employer and other liable parties as a victim of disability discrimination.

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