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December 2018 Archives

Understanding who handles retaliation enforcement

Being disciplined by your employer in Baton Rouge can leave you feeling powerless. While the law clearly states that retaliatory action by your employer in response to you (in good faith) reporting alleged violations that it has committed is illegal, the actual application of that law may be less cut-and-dry. Countless clients come to our team here at Robert B. Landry III, PLC wondering who is actually going to enforce the laws protecting them from retaliation. Knowing this very thing could help you in your decision to come forward is you believe your employer has committed any regulatory violations. 

Did you experience disability discrimination at work?

Louisiana employees have the right to a workplace that is free from various types of harassment, including mistreatment due to a disability. If you are experiencing harassing behavior at work because of your condition, you do not have to stand for it. There is no excuse for this type of behavior, and you have the right to fight back against liable parties. 

FMLA employee notice requirements

Like other people in Louisiana, there may be times when your personal life requires you to take time away from your job. A good example of this is when you have or adopt a new baby. Maternity and paternity leave may be granted to allow you time to care for your new family member and to heal from a birth if you are the biological mother. Other situations that warrant time away from work might include the need to care for another family member or to tend to your own health needs.

You should be respectfully treated during your termination

If you have just received word that you are being terminated from your job, you are probably feeling all kinds of emotions. You may be confused, anxious and frustrated at the prospect of having to find new employment. At Robert B. Landry III, PLC, we have helped many people in Louisiana who have been wrongfully terminated from their job. 

#MeToo may increase harassment reports

People who live and work in Louisiana have no doubt been aware of the dramatic surge in media reports and public demonstrations surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct in the past year. The initiation of the #MeToo movement seems to have brought about a change in the cultural mindset and made more people willing to come forward with stories of their experiences than in the past.