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What impact has MeToo made on U.S. workplaces?

Whether you are male or female, you are likely aware that the topic of sexual harassment has gained a lot of media attention over the past year. This has happened not just in Louisiana but across the nation and is in large part due to what has been coined the MeToo movement. There have been laws in place that make harassment in the workplace illegal for some time now yet many people assert that sexual harassment or other types of sexual misconduct continue to be a problem.

As reported by Voice of America, the increased awareness surrounding this issue has been making a difference in many ways through society and business. Corporate culture may well be getting an increased level of scrutiny not just by employees of companies but by those people looking to make financial investments in businesses. Some investors have been identified as less willing to back a company that has active sexual harassment issues.

It seems that in the past, many potentially inappropriate actions may have been of lesser importance than the outcomes of a business bottom line or the productivity of an individual employee. Now, however, that may be flip-flopping as the inappropriate actions are growing in importance and weight for many decisions made by people about what companies to do business with or even to work for.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give people employed in Louisiana an idea of how awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace may be evolving in light of the MeToo movement.

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