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More employees are calling out companies for discrimination

Everyone deserves the same chance to succeed in his or her chosen profession. No employer should hold you back because of your race, gender, religion or other status protected by Louisiana and/or federal law. If you believe you suffered from discrimination due to one or more of these factors, you have the right to file a complaint.

Your employer cannot retaliate against you for doing so. If that happens, you may go outside of the company for relief. In fact, you would join many other people who now call out their employers for their discriminatory treatment of employees.

By the numbers

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, more people are coming forward with complaints about employers who discriminate against them. The following are figures from 2016, which is the newest information regarding the number of complaints filed by employees:

  • Under the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act, 238 people filed complaints.
  • Under the Equal Pay Act, 1,075 people filed complaints.
  • In relation to discrimination based on color, 3,102 people filed complaints.
  • Because of discrimination based on their religion, 3,825 people filed complaints.
  • For discrimination based on their national origin, 9,840 people filed complaints.
  • Due to discrimination based on their age, 20,857 people filed complaints.
  • Because of discrimination based on their sex, 26,934 people filed complaints.
  • Due to disability discrimination, 28,073 people filed complaints.
  • Because of race discrimination, 32,309 people filed complaints.
  • For retaliation from employers, 42,018 people filed complaints.

Employees may be coming forward more often due to increased awareness of the laws against discrimination. In addition, the news media has helped get the word out that people do not have to tolerate this type of treatment. People tend to talk about these issues more readily now, which means that more companies could be held responsible for their actions and the actions of those they employ.

Social media undoubtedly plays a role in getting the word out to suffering employees. Technology has brought the world closer and made it smaller. The dissemination of information happens more rapidly and more widespread than in the past. All of the light on this issue may have employers requiring and attending more training regarding this issue in order to avoid it becoming, or remaining, pervasive in their companies. This could help the number of complaints go down since fewer people will be forced to deal with discrimination and its fallout.

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