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October 2018 Archives

What are your rights as a nursing mother?

Being a new mother while working a job in Louisiana can be a hectic time, especially if you are also breastfeeding your child. Fortunately, according to FindLaw, the federal government requires that your employer provide accommodations for you and other nursing mothers to provide for your baby by expressing breast milk as needed while at work. 

You may keep your pregnancy discrimination claim out of court

Pregnant women continue to encounter discrimination in the workplace. Some employers believe that it's okay to tell pregnant employees that they never would have hired them if they had known they were pregnant. Other employers tell pregnant women that they can't accommodate them and that they can't return to work after the birth of their babies.

Is sexual discrimination or harassment always blatant?

Louisiana residents share the workplace with a lot of different people. Unfortunately, a mixed bag of coworkers can sometimes bring you big trouble. Robert B. Landry III, PLC, is here to help if you have faced discrimination related to your gender or sexual harassment at the workplace.

Woman alleges she was fired for hairstyle

Louisiana residents who apply for and accept jobs should be able to feel that their employers respect them and ensure their rights are protected. Unfortunately, in some situations, workplace environments can become hostile and filled with discrimination. Even worse, there are times when management staff contribute this. Such is the case at one gym in Louisiana according to allegations put forth in a lawsuit filed recently.

What is racial harassment?

You may remember an incident that made national news several months ago, during which law enforcement was called on two African American men who were waiting for another person in Starbucks without having ordered anything yet. The incident sparked outrage about how people of color are commonly treated in America. While these men were customers, many employees in Louisiana and elsewhere are harassed and discriminated against at work for their race.

Understanding a hostile work environment

Most employed people in Louisiana are likely aware that there are laws in place intended to protect people from discrimination or harassment based on a variety of issues. These include gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, race and more. As explained by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, acts that are deemed to be harassment may violate one or more of three laws in place to protect workers.