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September 2018 Archives

What are the work hour laws for minors?

Teens often want to get a job so they can be more independent. Having their own money allows them to pay for items they want and also helps them learn about responsibility when it comes to money. When your child decides to get a job, it is helpful if you understand the employment laws for minors in Louisiana. These laws are different for minors than for adults to provide additional protection.

EEOC sues Del Taco store employees for sexual harassment

New of sexual harassment lawsuits in Baton Rouge or throughout the rest of the U.S. may often involve cases that occur in professional office settings between working adults. This may give the false impression that recourse for such harassment is limited to only those situations. In reality, any harassment that occurs at any level is wrong. Even teenagers working entry-level jobs in the service industries are protected from having to work in hostile environments. 

Military family leave under the FMLA

Most people in Louisiana may know that there is a federal law mandating their ability to take unpaid time away from work for qualifying events. During this leave period, they are legally entitled to have their jobs preserved and equivalent employment available to them upon return to work. This extends to those persons who are assisting members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The rights to these people are unique.

Understanding retaliation in the workplace

People in Louisiana who read or hear about allegations of harassment, discrimination or other violations of a workers' civil rights often also hear about potential retaliation related to these situations. While harassment and discrimination are illegal in the workplace, so too is retaliatory behavior or actions on the part of an employer. Understanding what this may look like is important for all employees.

Sexual harassment lawsuit settled

People who are employed in Louisiana and are concerned about the ongoing challenges of sexual misconduct and harassment in the workplace should know that they have the right to speak up and make sure they are protected. This is the case regardless of what sector or industry they work in, what line of work they are employed in and what their particular gender or sexual orientation may be.