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August 2018 Archives

Wrongful termination and the law

The phrase "wrongful termination" has made its way into the spotlight in recent news -- and is one that is not taken lightly. Going hand in hand with the plethora of workplace harassment incidents that have surfaced, wrongful termination is an issue that affects employees across the state of Louisiana. While reports are more common than one might think, the law protects all employees from these harmful workplace actions. 

Understanding gender-based harassment

Many people employed in Louisiana today are young enough to have grown up basically knowing that there are laws designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. However, these laws were not always in force and it was not all that long ago that they were considered almost revolutionary.

FMLA guidelines for children

Most people in Louisiana are aware that there are laws granting them the right to take some amount of time away from their jobs in order to see to family matters. Many of these matters relate to children including the birth of babies and care of newborns. However, the law extends to more than just this and understanding it is important for all employees.