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July 2018 Archives

Sexual harassment of men in the workplace

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has received a high level of prominence in Louisiana and around the nation over the past couple of years. However, the bulk of the attention has been given to women as the people who are subjected to this behavior. While this is definitely a problem, it is also a fact that men can be and are sexually harassed at work.

Women can look to federal courts for equal pay

In a national political climate that favors equality among all races, genders and beliefs, you may be surprised to learn that Louisiana has yet to enact equal-pay-for-equal-work legislation. Earlier this year, members of both the state’s House and Senate killed proposals aimed at closing the earning gap between men and women, according to U.S. News and World Report. Along with the equal-pay measure, which would require state contractors to pay men and women equally for similar work, lawmakers also killed a proposal to raise the minimum wage. Similar attempts were made to introduce wage bills in previous legislative sessions, meeting with the same outcome.

Non-exempt employees deserve pay for every hour they work

The more time you spend on the job, the better you get at it. The better you get at your job, the faster you can move up in the company. Moving up in the company means more opportunities in business and in your personal life. Because of this, you are willing to come in early, stay late, work weekends and take work home with you. You regularly take texts from your boss at the dinner table and reply to work-related emails in the evening or while you eat breakfast.

What sort of job will you come back to after FMLA leave?

Any number of medical conditions, health concerns or family reasons may prompt you to take an extended leave from your job in Baton Rouge. You can sleep soundly during your time away knowing that the terms of the Family Medical Leave Act ensure that you continue to have access to your employee benefits, be paid your salary (if you have accrued sufficient paid-time-off hours), and that your employment status is protected. Yet does that mean that you have to return to the same job that you left? 

Protections for transgender people in the workplace

Louisiana residents benefit from many types of workplace protections. Many of these come from federal regulations, such as OSHA's mandates on safety in the work environment. However, one might easily spot the difference in the way employers treat different classes of people, especially those who belong to a legally non-protected class, such as certain gender identities. 

Federal laws on workplace harassment

Every person employed in Louisiana should know that there are laws in place designed to ensure they may perform their jobs in an environment that is fair to them and devoid of harassing and hostile behavior. Federal laws govern workplace harassment and understanding one's rights is important for every employee across the state.