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May 2018 Archives

What evidence should you provide in a discrimination case?

When you first started your job, you may have looked forward to going to work, showing your employer and supervisors what you can do, and setting yourself up for success. However, over time, you may have come to realize that no matter how hard you worked, your efforts never seemed good enough for your bosses, and that other, less-qualified individuals typically received promotions or other benefits ahead of you.

Addressing retaliation at work

Any form of retaliation after a discrimination claim is simply unacceptable. Although one's place of work should promote honesty and respect, countless discrimination and retaliation incidents take place in Louisiana each year. When it comes to this type of damaging treatment, the law is the law. All employees deserve the utmost respect, no matter who they are. 

What is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?

Your workplace may include a diverse population of employees of varying ages and skill levels, or it may contain less than 20 people, all roughly of the same age and skill level. Even though no two employment situations are the same, the same state and federal employment laws apply to all, including those that protect employees who have suffered age discrimination at work. 

Addressing retaliation in the workplace

Suffering from harassment in one's place of work is a mountainous obstacle on its own; experiencing retaliation as a result of reporting harassment can present an entirely new set of issues. Louisiana employees receive protection from harassment of any kind under federal law, but this unfortunately does not stop countless incidents in the workplace. There are a few things to know when addressing these complex situations.

Understanding the family medical leave act

Going through any kind of health issue -- or watching a family member suffer from one -- can be excruciating. First, there are the immediate medical concerns to address, followed by potentially long windows of recovery time. When such a life change happens, employment is a common concern. What can Louisiana employees know to best prepare for time out of work?

Pregnancy discrimination and the law

With 40 years behind the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, one might assume women no longer face discrimination while planning to expand a family. Unfortunately, amidst the #MeToo movement and other recent shifts in public attitudes toward harassment in general, a struggle in the workplace nevertheless affects countless female employees. Some Louisiana workers may be unfamiliar with the laws that protect pregnant women, as well as the current outlook of this problem.