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April 2018 Archives

School district accused of unfair dismissal

People employed in Louisiana should always feel free to speak up when they believe unethical or even illegal actions are taking place in their work environments. This is true whether they work for private or public entities. Unfortunately, there are times when people experience negative repercussions from taking these steps to highlight wrongs and protect others. 

How do I prove retaliation in the workplace?

Employees of Louisiana are not only protected from various forms of discrimination, but they are also protected from retaliation in the workplace that may stem from a discriminatory issue. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you can file a lawsuit against your employer claiming retaliation if you think you have been the target of retaliatory practices. However, you will need to prove three things: protected activity, action taken against you and causation.

Awareness of harassment problem growing

Sexual harassment is not necessarily a term, concept or reality that is foreign to residents in Louisiana yet it would be hard to imagine a time in history when it has been more talked about than now. The same is true of gender discrimination, a closely aligned but separate problem. Whether attributed to the Me Too movement, celebrity revealments or more, it does seem that these things are holding many people's attention today.

The rundown of pregnancy discrimination

There are enough challenges already involved in bringing a child into the world, but when an employer refuses to assist with the process at work, matters can become serious. Louisiana workers at any stage of pregnancy understand that this life chapter requires a considerable amount of time, dedication and planning. Those who have become victim to an employer's unfair treatment as a result of pregnancy may decide to seek legal action.

Gay rights and legislative power come to head in battle

While many gay or lesbian people in Louisiana might say that they feel more comfortable being open about their sexual orientation today than they could have several decades ago, that is something of a low bar when it comes to really considering how well their rights are respected. The fact remains that equality may be quite a way off in the eyes of some people in the state. This attempt at equality is something that the state's Governor is said to have been fighting for with an executive order he signed two years ago.