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March 2018 Archives

What does a 1963 law have to do with your current workplace?

A law is a law. It doesn't matter if the government enacted a law several decades ago; it remains valid and applicable as time goes on. Lawmakers set regulations in 1963 that still impact your current employment situation. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 governs employers regarding wages and employment provisions. If you're currently facing a wage problem at work and believe your employer is discriminating against you in some fashion, then this law may be a good resource to help you rectify the situation.  

The imbalance between maternity and paternity leave

Welcoming a new member into the family can be one of life's most exciting chapters. Today's societal attitudes have even reflected a growing acceptance of fathers receiving paternity leave to help with this major process. Even though the country has become more progressive in its views on paternity leave, many Louisiana fathers still stumble upon challenges when attempting to receive time off from work. What are some of the obstacles new parents face, and what is the current outlook on this issue that affects countless families?

Pregnant women and work: the law is the law

In the midst of the nation's current issues involving sexual harassment in the workplace, there exists another, perhaps largely ignored issue of pregnancy discrimination. Although there seems to be a shift in the ways America has viewed gender imbalances in recent years, pregnant women nevertheless continue to experience unfair treatment. There are a number of options that expecting Louisiana mothers can choose from, should they face an unfortunate incident of workplace discrimination. 

When pregnancy dictates employment

Long gone are the days of traditional households, where women revolved around kitchens and laundry rooms. In today's society, women and men take on equal responsibilities in the workplace. Nevertheless, women continue to face discrimination while on the job, especially for reasons such as pregnancy. Expecting Louisiana mothers who feel they have been treated unfairly simply because of their status may decide to seek justice, proper repercussions and ultimately fairness in the world of employment.