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Part 1: MY BOSS SAYS . . . he's firing me and it's for something I didn't do. Do I have a wrongful termination case?

Every day, we receive calls from people who feel they have been treated unfairly at work and fired for no good reason.  They want to know whether they have a "wrongful termination" case. 

Louisiana is an at-will employment state.  What this means is that, in general, employers can fire their employees for no reason or for just about any reason at all, even if the reason is completely unfair.  For example, if my boss doesn't like the color red and I show up for work in a red shirt, he can fire me, even if I'm his best worker and don't deserve to be fired at all.  It is not necessarily illegal to be fired unfairly.

Another example would be if your co-worker at a grocery store stocked the cereal on the wrong aisle and then blamed you for it, resulting in your firing.  This is not wrongful termination.  In fact, your boss can be wrong and still be within his legal rights to fire you. 

So what are some examples of "wrongful termination"?  As I said before, your employer can fire you for no reason or just about any reason at all in an at-will employment state like Louisiana.  What your employer cannot do, however, is fire you for an illegal reason.

Next week, I will discuss some of the illegal reasons for terminating an employee. 

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